Martes, 26 Mai 2020 23:08


El próximo 3 de Junio, la ITTF va a realizar un Seminario on line con el tema "El mal comportamiento desde el punto de vista del árbitro, juez árbitro y jugador".

Dear 2020 IU National Coordinator, dear friend.

Hoping you are safe in your country and the situation with the COVID-19 is becoming better.

Some of you already had done the IU exam for your candidates, some not. Some of your candidates were successful in the IU exam, some failed, while for anyone of those 4 groups, plus anyone that is already international umpire, but also for the national umpires will be an interesting topic the one of our next Match Officials webinar.

In the feedback form from the IU exam and also from the first webinar, it was suggested to have feedbacks from the questions answered in the exams, we are not going through the questions of the exam while as we are going to touch different scenarios cases, it will be a good feedback, piece of knowledge, what the top referees, top umpires and even top players think about, and react to the different situations.

In the pre-registration form, we ask you also questions in advance or different scenarios you can ask about, so we will try to answer as much as possible during the webinar.

The date for the Webinar is Wednesday, June 3rd, organized by ITTF HPD Department, with the Topic of Misbehaviour from the point of view of Umpires, Referees and Players.

ITTF Webinar " Misbehaviour from the point of view of Umpires, Referees and Players" 3rd June 2020, 14:00 CEST. Pre-Registration ITTF HPD Webinar #8. Misbehaviour.

Please, click in the blue hyperlink to register yourself.

And also feel free to share, not only within the umpires and referees from your national association, but also players, coaches… any one interested, as it will be useful for them also to know about it.

Best regards.

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